Over the past few years, the Sports Aviation Foundation has provided scholarships for two individuals to help them obtain their A&P certifications. One for was for Jason Beaver. He successfully obtained his A&P and is currently working for Carson Aviation Services as an A&P for General Aviation. The second scholarship was awarded to Tyler Ballentine. He also successfully obtained his A&P and worked for in the local area in General Aviation. Tyler has gone on and is currently working building turbines for a company doing proprietary military contracts. Tyler mentioned that during his training to be an A&P his mentors often stated that once he obtained his certifications, it would open many doors for him. He has learned to appreciate the truth of those words as he has obtained positions and promotions that his employers have stated are due directly to that fact that he is an A&P. SAF is proud of these two individuals for their success and for being able to be a small part of that.